Adria Blues

Written and directed by Miroslav Mandić

Feature film, 2013, 91′

Toni Riff, a Bosnian rock star back in the 1980’s, came to Slovenia during the war and married his fan Sonia. He has been inactive for the past two decades, relying on his wife to support them. To Toni’s
annoyance and fits of jealousy, Sonia works as a phone-sex operator. One of her regular clients is a hotel owner Max, an avid fan of the 80’s New Wave. He offers to organize a come-back concert for the former star. Upon arrival to the hotel, shocked by the concert announcement, Toni hides in a room called after him. Sonia begs him to play, believing a concert is the only way out of his depression.

Producers Frenk Celarc, Miroslav Mandić, Ida Weiss, Boris T. Matić, Amra Bakšić Čamo, Mitja Senčur
Production Gustav Film (SI), Filmostovje (SI), Senca Studio (SI)
Coproduction Propeler Film (HR), SCCA/Pro.ba (HR), Comrad (SI), TV Slovenija (SI)
Cast Mojca Funkl, Senad Bašić, Iva Babić, Peter Musevski
Director of photography Jure Černec
Editor Stanko Kostanjevec
Production design Matjež Pavlovec
Costume design Emil Cerar
Sound Samir Fočo
Composer Aldo Kumar

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Festivals and awards

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