Kick and Scream

Written and directed by Nina Violić

Feature film, 2022, 76′


The final half-hour of one marriage falling apart. Through the perspectives of wife, husband and their six-year-old child, where reality is intertwined with puppet play, we learn about their own truths only to become less certain of our initial judgment of characters.

Producers Vanja Sremac, Zdenka Gold
Production company Spiritus movens
Coproducers Igor A. Nola, Boris T. Matić, Lana Matić, Vinko Brešan, Danijel Pek
Coproduction company Terminal 3, MP filmska produkcija, Propeler Film, Zagreb film, Antitalent
Cast GoranBogdan, Nina Violić, Bruno Frketić Bajić, Lee Delong
Director of photography Vanja Černjul, A.S.C.
Editor Vladimir Gojun
Composer Filip Šovagović
Sound designer Julij Zornik

Festivals and awards

Ulica grada Vukovara 35a
10000 Zagreb
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