All For Free

Directed by Antonio Nuić

Feature film, 2006, 94′

30-year-old Goran lives in a small town in Bosnia. Unlike his friends, whose lives were greatly transformed by the war (such as that of his best friend Miro, who lost both arms in the war), Goran came out of the war virtually unscathed. He lives on an inheritance from his parents and drinks his days away with his friends. One day, all his friends are killed in a bar brawl. The incident completely knocks Goran out of his routine life, and he decides to sell all his belongings and start doing something memorable. So he decides to travel from town to town, not lingering anywhere for more than a day. He spends his time giving away free drinks to the inhabitants until he spends all the money he made from selling his possessions. After a few days on the road, he meets a girl in one of these towns and immediately falls in love. This leads him to break his own word and stay a second day in the town…

Producer Boris T. Matić
Production company Propeler Film (HR)
Coproducers Miro Barnjak, Zijad Mehić, Miroslav Stanić
Coproduction companies Porta Produkcija (BA), TV BIH (BA), MagicBox Multimedia (BA)
Cast Rakan Rushaidat, Nataša Janjić, Emir Hadžihafizbegović, Bojan Navojec, Franjo Dijak, Enis Bešlagić, Sergej Trifunović, Jasna Žalica, Vanja Drach, Pero Kvrgić, Josip Pejaković, Saša Petrović
Director of photography Mirsad Herović
Editor Marin Juranić
Composer Hrvoje Štefotić, Siniša Krneta
Set designer Nedjeljko Mikac
Costume designer Ante Tonči Vladislavić
Sound Davor Omerza

Festivals and awards

Pula Film Festival 2006 Great Golden Arena for Best movie, Golden Arena for Best director, Golden Arena for Best screenplay and Golden Arena for Best female supporting role
Sarajevo Film Festival 2006 Heart of Sarajevo for Best male leading role
New Festival of Author Movie Belgrade 2006 Special jury award
Bergamo Film Meeting 2006 Bronze Rosa Camuna

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