Graffiti Street

Directed by Sergej Kreso

Documentary film, 2007, 56′

LaBanda was one of the most important bands of the Sarajevo alternative rock scene. In the late 80s LaBanda was working on their first album. Eleven songs were recorded. But the war spreads in Bosnia and album remains unfinished. 15 years later the members of LaBanda track each other down (they live in 5 deferent countries) and decide to finish the work they started long time ago – to record the last two songs of the album. They meet for the first time after 15 years in Sarajevo, the place they were forced to leave many years ago. What happened with the city and the music scene LaBanda used to be a part of? Do they understand each other as friends and musicians like before?

Producer Boris T. Matić
Production company Propeler Film (HR)
Coproducers Miro Barnjak, Zijad Mehić
Coproduction companies Porta Produkcija (BA), TV BIH (BA)
La Banda Vlado Kajević, Miško Stanišić, Zvonimir Matić, Sergej Kreso, Mustafa Čengić
Director of photography Josip Ivančić, Mladen Vekić, Matko Petrić
Editors Srđan Fink, Veljko Segarić, Vlado Gojun, Sergej Kreso
Sound design Ranko Pauković
Music La Banda
Music production & live recording Mustafa Čengić
Production assistant Lana Ujdur
Sound Mirsad Tukić

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Festivals and awards

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