Zagreb Stories

Feature film, 2009, 110′

Propeler film published a public call for film scripts named “Zagreb stories” for a feature omnibus. Scripts for short feature films from 8 to 12 minutes were written on the subject of ‘Zagreb neighborhoods’. There were 107 scripts applied, out of which the jury consisting of Boris T. Matić, Vladimir Stojsavljević and Nenad Polimac chose 9.

Producer Boris T. Matić
Production Propeler Film (HR)

1. Film by Goran Odvorčić and Matija Kluković for Asja Jovanović and Andrea Rumenjak

A mother is leaving her daughter who is about to come of age and the burden of the subject is felt in front of and behind the camera.

Written and directed by Goran Odvorčić, Matija Kluković
Director of photography Bojana Burnać
Editors Goran Odvorčić, Matija Kluković
Cast Asja Jovanović, Andrea Rumenjak

2. Špansko the Continent

A story about men’s world that definitely misses women.

Directed by Ivan Sikavica
Written by Ivan Skorin
Composer Ante Perković
Director of photography Almir Fakić
Editor Nina Velnić
Cast Filip Lozić, Filip Detelić, Slaven Španović, Ivan Bošnjak

3. Recycling

It’s early in the morning and a Roma family from the margins of a European metropolis is headed for a landfill because the recycling day is starting.

Directed by Branko Ištvančić
Written by Edi Mužina
Composer Semir Hammy Hasić
Director of photography Bojana Burnać
Art director Iso Halilović
Editor Veljko Segarić
Cast Slaven Knezović, Ana Maras, Asim Ugljen, Erol Neziri

4. Yellow Moon

A young woman who has just moved into a new flat pays a courtesy visit to her pregnant neighbour. The two women chat over the coffee, but things get heavy and complicated when the pregnant woman implores the other one to stay with her for a while because she feels lonely, yet she is reluctant to reveal how she found herself in her current predicament.

Directed by Zvonimir Jurić
Written by Zvonimir Jurić
Director of photography Jakov Lerotić
Editor Vladimir Gojun
Cast Lana Barić, Marija Škaričić

5. The Smartest Neighbourhod in the Country

A television crew is coming to Siget, a neighbourhood in Zagreb, to investigate a strange phenomenon that has struck its residents.

Written and directed by Ivan Ramljak and Marko Škobalj
Director of photography Ivan Slipčević
Editor Marin Juranić
Cast Ivan Žada, Zlatko Burić- Kićo, Ivan Džaja, Ivan Krželj

6. Game Over

Duje is a fantastic player of the computer game World of Warcraft who lives on a thin line between the virtual and the real.

Directed by Dario Pleić
Written by Vlado Bulić
Director of photography Josip Ivančić
Editor Hrvoslava Brkušić
Cast Frano Mašković, Ivana Roščić, Aldin Omerović, Zrinka Cvitešić

7. Bill Collector

A bill collector rings the door bell of a married couple, Klara (75) and Stanko (80), and he is – black! Is he really who he claims to be? What should Klara and Stanko do?

Written and directed by Igor Mirković
Composer Josip Klobučar
Director of photography Silvestar Kolbas
Editor Ivana Fumić
Cast Marija Kohn, Pero Kvrgić, Inge Appelt, Filip Karabelj, Kruno Belko

8. Canal

Young Roma boy Vejsil wakes up, puts on his best clothes and heads for the school to enroll himself. However, a tough road is ahead for him.

Directed by Zoran Sudar
Written by Sanja Kovačević
Director of photography Bojana Burnać
Editor Krunoslav Kušec
Cast Adnan Roma, Ivana Seferović, Danko Ljuština, Suzana Nikolić, Dušan Bućan

9. A Slap in the Face

Thirteen-year-old Hrvoje has a special talent- he is extremely good at getting into trouble.

Written and directed by Director Nebojša Sljepčević
Director of photography Almir Fakić
Art director Ivana Vulić
Editor Iva Kraljević
Cast Ivan Komušar, Mijo Takač, Saša Maglai, Damir Železnik- Piko

Festivals and awards

Pula Film Festival 2009 Breza award for best new actor (Lana Barić, Yellow Moon)
Zagreb Film Festival 2009
LIFE AFTER OIL International Film Festival 2015
(short film Recycling)

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